New dam in Riachão river – Fazenda Mandacarú

In 2020 the old dam at the farm Fazendá Mandacarú was fixed by an enthousiastic team of friends and capoeira students from Berimbau de Ouro. Profiting from the dry period the old dam, which had some leakage, could be restored and heightened with large covers and sand sacks. The water wheel was also repaired and in the end water could be collected and the water wheel was functioning again to pump up water to dry parts of the farm.

This dam is still a temporary one, it will probably not hold for a very long time. In order to make a more sustainable dam we’ll need to find some more funding. In our next project ‘Água pra todos’ (Water for all) we plan to strengthen the dam with concrete and also stimulate other farmers in the region to build small dams and be more aware of the importance of preservation of the river.

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