Água para todos

On our farm Fazenda Mandacarú we have a beautiful river Riachão. To preserve the river we have built a small dam, a 'barragem'. We could store water, keep the river margins humid and fill water tanks to use for irrigation and for the animals. Many neighbouring farms have profited from this dam.

Riachão river

Unfortunately our dam has already collapsed twice. The plan is now to build a concrete dam that is a lot stronger. We also want to encourage other farmers to build small dams, to replant their river margins and store the water in water reservoirs, as we have done. Also we want to discuss with them the importance to keep the river clean.

For this project we are raising funds in the 'Água para todos'- project, Water for all. The river is not only important for our farm, the plantation and the cows and horses, but also for our neighbours, for the wild animals (birds, deer, monkeys, snakes, ant eaters, capibara, tatú....etc etc.), for the very beautiful but endangered vegetation of this region, the 'cerrado'. The project consists in building a dam, organizing meetings with small farmers from the region, with young students from local universities and high schools to make plans together for the future.

Watch the Riachão video!!

For the first part of this project - building a dam and organizing the meetings - we need around 9000 euros.
You can support the project by

  • making a donation to
    IBAN:  NL39 INGB 0007705289 of Stichting Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro in Amsterdam (BIC : ING BNL2A). Please mention 'Agua para todos'.
  • or buying one or more copies of the cd 'Meu mestre veio da Bahia' which Mestre Marreta has made - together with percussion master Edson Gomes in 2016.  You can contact Mestre Marreta - Luiz Carlos Afonso via facebook or mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Of course you can contact him also for more info!




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