Workshops & Shows


If you are looking for a special activity during your event, try a capoeira show or activate people with our workshops!  See video of a capoeira show on a boat in Amsterdam.


A capoeira demonstration can give a very special energetic touch to your event. We can show a short flashy demonstration of the capoeira music and moves, or a real capoeira 'roda', giving you an impression of the tradition capoeira game as it is played in Brazil and the rest of the world, accompanied by live singing and percussion.


If you want to organize a complete Brazilian experience, we can offer a show with capoeira, traditional samba, the stickdance 'maculelê' and live Brazilian music.


Depending on the themes and aims of your conference, meeting or celebration, we develop a workshop or show that suits your wishes.


Capoeira as a way to work out themes with a group of co-workers.

A workshop (or series of workshops) has some basic elements: warming up and a light training, defence, attack and acrobatic movements, capoeira music and songs and information about capoeira.

We also provide special workshops for children. This can be a regular capoeira workshop, or a Brazil workshop, including music, stories from Brazil and making an instrument from waste material.

An impression of a children's workshop can be watched here

In accordance to the wishes of our clients we add other - variable - items: communication and dialogue, migration and its effects, language differences, conflict, social issues,  overcoming obstacles and handicaps, knowing your own strength, history and present of Brazil, music and dance. We work with experienced trainers on these issues.

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Capoeira is a mixture of martial art, dance, acrobatics and music. When you live it, you live!


Berimbau de Ouro is more than learning capoeira. It's also about helping each other.


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Grupo de Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro



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Luiz Carlos Afonso
(Mestre Marreta Capoeira)