New Year Meeting Amsterdam!

28-31 December 2017


organized by Mestre Marreta (Luiz Carlos Afonso) and his capoeira friends.

Capoeira trainings and rodas, dance, percussion, yoga, live music, massage, good food & drinks and friendship. Masters & teachers from Brazil and Europe are present, as well as capoeira friends from many countries. Everybody is welcome to join. 

Thursday 28/12 17-22 hrs
Friday 29/12 17-22 hrs
Saturday 30/12 12-17 hrs and batizado 17-18hrs,dinner with feijoada da Barragem
Sunday 31/12 12-17 hrs and New Year party

Mestres & teachers who confirmed their presence:
Mestre Zoi, Grupo Zumbi (Palermo, Italia)
Mestre Araminho, Grupo Aldeia Capoeira (Rotterdam, Holland)
Mestre Waguinho, Grupo Oxossi, (França)
Mestre Sidney, Grupo Berimbau de Ouro (Rotterdam, Holland)
Mestre Pé de Vento, Grupo Biriba Brasil (Bochum, Germany)
CM Miojo, Grupo Caravelas Negras (Amsterdam, Holland)
CM Salaminho, Grupo Malungos (Amsterdam, Holland)
CM Macumba, Grupo Reversão (Nijmegen, Holland)
CM Ceguinho: Grupo Cordao de Ouro (Enschede, Holland)
CM Jarí, Grupo Arte Capoeira (Kobenz, Germany)
CM Igor, Grupo Malungos (Amsterdam, Holland)
Professor Samuray, Grupo Raça (Paris France)
Professor Bruno Baião, Grupo Berimbarte (Berlin, Germany)
Profa Tineke, Capoeira Dendê de Maré (Arnhem, Holland)
Profa Tigresa, Grupo Caravelas Negras (Amsterdam, Holland)
Professor Toby Tamandoá (Paris, France)
Professor Filósofo, Grupo Berimbau de Ouro (Paris, France)
Professor Biriba, Grupo Berimbau de Ouro (Amsterdam, Holland)
Professor Camarão, Grupo Berimbau de Ouro (Le Havre, France)
Professor Joris Peixinho, Grupo Berimbau de Ouro (Bordeaux, France)
Professor Leao, Grupo Berimbau de Ouro (Rotterdam, Holland)
Professor Dinho, Grupo Berimbau de Ouro (Den Haag, Holland)
Professor Jamaica, Grupo Berimbau de Ouro (Canoa Quebrada Brazil)

Special classes:
Brazilian percussion by Edson Gomes (Amsterdam, Holland) & prof Toby Tamanduá (Paris, France)
Yoga class by Ingrid van Gestel
Prof Joris Peixinho brings his massage chair

Please bring your sleeping bag and a matrass!! Don't forget!

Huygens College
2e Constantijn Huygensstraat 31
1054NN Amsterdam
(free parking space)

The price is € 100, including sleeping place, breakfast and dinner (except for the feijoada on the 31st, for which we'll ask for your contribution for our water project in Brazil: 'Agua para todos'.

Tel: Marreta 0031618546429  Marianne 0031629553115
facebook: Luiz Carlos Afonso or New Year Capoeira Meeting.


Capoeira is a mixture of martial art, dance, acrobatics and music. When you live it, you live!


Berimbau de Ouro is more than learning capoeira. It's also about helping each other.


Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 30, April 2 2018    28th EASTER MEETING AMSTERDAM


Grupo de Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro



Tel: (+31)(0) 20 61 88 214
or (+31)(0) 6 185 464 29

Luiz Carlos Afonso
(Mestre Marreta Capoeira)