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Água pra todos

In 2017 we will try to renovate our dam on the farm Fazenda Mandacarú, in the river Riachão. The current dam is made of sacks of sand and some ciment, and it breaks down every few years. We want to make a firm concrete dam in the river now and encourage other small farms along the Riachão to do the same.
Having a dam is very important for the region, to have water in the dry season. Building a dam can secure the water supply along the river side. The region has long dry periods. Because many farms have been cutting trees and other vegetation along the river magins the water doesn't stay around but streams away and damps off.
So the plan is not only to build a dam and encourage other farms to do the same, but also to stimulate everybody in the region to restore the vegetation of the river banks and keep the river clean.
If you support this project, you'll also help local small farms and the natural wildlife and vegetation of this region.
You can help us by making a financial donation:

You can use this payment info and mention: "Agua pra todos - Water for all"

Stichting Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro  Amsterdam
IBAN:  NL39 INGB 0007705289

(for international payments: ) BIC:  ING BNL2A

We'll send you a confirmation of the payment, if you send us your contact info. If you want to help in another way, let us now.

Kindermissionswerk Dreikönigskinder

has been our most generous sponsor through the years. They have support three project in the Escola de Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro, last one called Impurrão 2, realized in 2013 and 2014.

We have private sponsors, some of whom support us on a regular basis:
Marianne Houben-Feldbrugge, Ans & Loet Willekens-Smeets, Philo Tuerlings-Van Leeuwe (all from Vught, the Netherlands).
Marijke & Nick Drysdale-Woltring (from Rome and Munich) also did a generous donation.
The Fundo de Cultura do Estado de Minas Gerais supported the event Capoeira Pensa II in August 2012.
The I Love Windpower-project and Piet Willem Chevalier supported the Éolica windturbine project in Juni 2013 and July 2015.

Local companies in Montes Claros that supported us many times: Drogaria Minas Brasil, Alexandre Colares.

On behalf of the people in Brazil we thank them and other people that support in a material and immaterial way: capoeira students, musicians, and other friends.

Making a donation

If you want to donate money to support our Brazilian projects, you can transfer it to our ING bank account nr. IBAN:  NL39 INGB 0007705289 of 'Stichting Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro' in Amsterdam. If you would like to designate it to a specific project, you could mention:
- Agua pra todos (for the river dam)
Escola (for the capoeira school)

For donations from the Netherlands: Stichting Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro has the ANBI-status, which means you can deduct your donation from your tax declaration.

If your payment comes from outside the Netherlands, you can use the following codes:
Stichting Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro
IBAN:  NL39 INGB 0007705289


Capoeira is a mixture of martial art, dance, acrobatics and music. When you live it, you live!


Berimbau de Ouro is more than learning capoeira. It's also about helping each other.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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