Mestre Marreta

Mestre Marreta, Luiz Carlos Afonso, was one of the first capoeira teachers in Europe, almost 30 years ago. First in Portugal, later in Paris and Bochum and since 1986 he is based in Amsterdam and Montes Claros (Brazil). He started to train capoeira in Montes Claros in 1976, first with professor Baiano and then with Mestre Carne de Cobra, who left him in charge of the group when he left town. Thus Marreta became a teacher at the age of sixteen and since then never stopped.

Hij is a highly valued guest at capoeira workshops, dance and music events all over Europe, alone or with his group 'Berimbau de Ouro'.

Every year at Easter he organizes one of the largest European capoeira meetings in Amsterdam, together with Mestre Samara,  Hundreds of capoeiristas from all over Europe and Brazil from different groups and schools train, play, dance and party together for five days.

Another yearly event of Luiz Carlos and his group is the New Year Meeting Amsterdam, where he raises funds for his projects in Brazil.

As often as possible he travels to his home town Montes Claros in Brazil to teach and to work for his projects: the social project "Escola de Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro" and the eco-farm 'Fazenda Mandacarú'.

In this way he wants to pass the benefits of capoeira - that has helped him so much in his life - to young people in his home town and aims to raise awareness of social and ecological responsibility for every individual.