Escola Berimbau de Ouro Montes Claros

In 1983 Mestre Marreta started the capoeiraschool Escola de Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro for children and adolescents in his town Montes Claros (Minas Gerais state) in Brazil.
Since the start the school developed many other activities, while capoeira remained the main attraction. 
Teachers are professores Lezin, Claudiao, Nelinho, Instrutores Sabiá and Negao.

2014: 'Impurrao Project' 

The school organizes (or organized) courses like: working with wood, making clothes, making musical instruments, music and dance classes, silk screen, gardening, renovating old furniture, painting and hairdressing.
The Brazilian activities are organized by the Associação de Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro.

International exchange
At least once a year the school hosts an exchange event, where capoeira friends from Europe and other regions of Brazil take part.

In 2014 we had the fourth edition of 'Capoeira Pensa', which reunited masters, teachers and students to debate not only capoeira, but also their involvement with ecological, social and historical subjects and projects.