Fazenda MandacarúFor the real Brazilian nature lovers we offer the opportunity to stay at the Fazenda Mandacarú for a unique and relaxing holiday.
The main house can be rented by groups. Smaller holiday cabins are available for 2-5 people. Large camping fields are available for events or other activities.

The Fazenda has a large veranda (with shade!) and a swimming pool surrounding the main building. The football field is a one minute walk and the river, the hiking and horse trails are all on the private grounds.
Within walking distance, a visit to farms in the vicinity and a distillery of cachaça (the Brazilian Aguardente, base for caipirinha) are popular trips.

Fazenda Mandacarú is also one of the few properties in the region where nature is preserved for the most part and where great stretches of forest can be found.

The cabins Surrounded by the beauty of nature they will be a simple accommodations of about 50-70 m². The cabins contain everything for a comfortable stay: two or three small bedrooms, a bathroom with a toilet, a living room with cooking facilities and a porch with a barbeque.
The cabins will be made out of clay bricks and roofing tiles. The cabins are furnished. Linnen, dinner utensils and other practical goods are available.
EcotourismThe housing is not so important, since the biggest attraction is outside: nature. The diversity of the landscape on Fazenda Mandacarú is typical for the Brazilian cerrado (savannah). Respect for nature will play an important role in Babilonia. Trees and plants will only be cut down if necessary. Already existing paths will be used for hiking and horse riding trails. Visitors will be urged not to damage or pollute the environment. They will receive information about the flora and fauna on the land and about ecological agriculture. Maybe you will meet some of the animals who consider this region as their home, like deer, ant eaters, little apes, many different birds, butterflies, reptiles and insects. Plant lovers can "eat their heart out" with the large variety of plants, flowers and trees. Also minerals can be found on the spot. A guide will be available to accompany guests on hiking or riding trails with information about the animals and vegetation. Naturally, guests are welcome to have a look at the farming activities. They can learn how to make cheese, milk cows, collect eggs, groom horses, make jam and liqueur and the many other activities a farm has to offer.

Shops and excursions

Fazenda Mandacarú will have it’s own small grocery shop where visitors can buy essential items. In the village Pau d’Oléo bars sell a few things. Surrounding farms sell cheese, milk, cachaça, honey, fruit, vegetables and other provisions. Nova Esperança (17 km) has several shops, among which are a supermarket and a few small restaurants and cafés. The city of Montes Claros lies at a distance of 35 km and has many shops.
Nearby the Fazenda visitors can make excursions to the village, the caves of Lapa Grande and the neighbours’ cachaça distillery (alambique). Horse riding excursions will be one of the regular activities on Fazenda Mandacarú. Horse riding lessons can be arranged in riding school “Hipica do Tabuleiro” in Montes Claros.


In the last fifteen years it has become clear that many European capoeira players are interested in more than just capoeira and brazilian music. Many students and friends of Luiz Carlos Afonso have already visited Montes Claros and will certainly go again. This gave rise to the idea of building Babilonia in cooperation with those interested from several countries.
Each cabin will be built from a loan of 20 people, each lending € 300 to Babilonia. The participants will be refunded if they want to resign from the project. Next to this loan, participants will donate € 4 per month for maintenance and management . Participants are entitled to a free stay at the cabins (a month maximum), a discount for family and a percentage of the profit until 2010. Profit is generated through renting the cabins to tourists and groups who are looking for a suitable location for their activities.
Participants will not share in the profits from other activities such as the sale of vegetables, fruit, poultry, dairy and other products. Of course you don't need to be a member to visit the farm. You can stay if you pay the accomodation fee of R$ 50 per person per night (around 17 €), excluding food and drinks.

Those interested in participating or just visiting can get in touch with Luiz Carlos Afonso or Marianne Houben. Once participants have registered and have deposited their contribution, they will receive a proof of entry and a contract. They can follow the developments on Fazenda Mandacarú through the website of Berimbau de Ouro ( They will also be regularly updated through e-mail.


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