Fazenda Mandacarú

19 Years Eco-farm Fazenda Mandacarú

In the northern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, 35 km north from Montes Claros, is the Fazenda Mandacarú. The Fazenda lies in the small farm town Pau d'Oleo and measures 250 ha. (600 acres). Since 2003 Luiz Carlos Afonso has restructured part of the terrain to its natural origin. He established a farm, an infrastructure for planting projects and guest facilities.

Social and environmental community projects:

  • Colibri: holidays for children and adolescents from Montes Claros;
  • Éta-Nos: a collaboration with the local farmers community around the themes water, nature, food;
  • Eco-tourism: combining beautiful nature and excursions with opportunities for local farmers and craftsmen;
  • Eco-farm: diverse farming (including livestock, poultry, vegetables, fruit, sugar cane, manioc, corn);
  • NEW--> Eolica: workshop building a small windmill for sustainabla and environmental-friendly energy.


Fazenda MandacarúFor the real Brazilian nature lovers we offer the opportunity to stay at the Fazenda Mandacarú for a unique and relaxing holiday.
The main house can be rented by groups. Smaller holiday cabins are available for 2-5 people. Large camping fields are available for events or other activities.

The Fazenda has a large veranda (with shade!) and a swimming pool surrounding the main building. The football field is a one minute walk and the river, the hiking and horse trails are all on the private grounds.
Within walking distance, a visit to farms in the vicinity and a distillery of cachaça (the Brazilian Aguardente, base for caipirinha) are popular trips.

Fazenda Mandacarú is also one of the few properties in the region where nature is preserved for the most part and where great stretches of forest can be found.

Ecological farm

Our Fazenda Mandacarú is an ecological farm, with respect for the original vegetation. Since 2003 step by step the farm has started working on a small scale with cattle, horses, poultry and other live stock and fruit plantations. Of course, all food and materials are 100% non-toxic and natural.

Guests at the Fazenda are more than welcome to take a look at the farming activities. You might even be invited to help out for a day at the land, which will often be rewarded with an unforgettable barbecue, Brazilian style...


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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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