Teachers Berimbau de Ouro

Mestre Marreta

Mestre Marreta, Luiz Carlos Afonso, was one of the first capoeira teachers in Europe, almost 30 years ago. First in Portugal, later in Paris and Bochum and since 1986 he is based in Amsterdam and Montes Claros (Brazil). He started to train capoeira in Montes Claros in 1976, first with professor Baiano and then with Mestre Carne de Cobra, who left him in charge of the group when he left town. Thus Marreta became a teacher at the age of sixteen and since then never stopped.

Hij is a highly valued guest at capoeira workshops, dance and music events all over Europe, alone or with his group 'Berimbau de Ouro'.

Every year at Easter he organizes one of the largest European capoeira meetings in Amsterdam, together with Mestre Samara,  Hundreds of capoeiristas from all over Europe and Brazil from different groups and schools train, play, dance and party together for five days.

Mestre Cachorrão (Sidney)

Capoeira is what he lives for. The last few years he has been strugging with knee and foot injuries. But Mestre Sidney Cachorrão - as a real capoeirista - always gets up after he fell down and continues...

He started capoeira more than 30 years ago, together with Marreta in Montes Claros and is the second Mestre of Berimbau de Ouro. Sidney teaches in Rotterda and Amsterdam. More info on www.capoeiraschool.nl

Professor Biriba

Met zijn lengte van twee meter kreeg Jeroen Kinsbegren zijn bijnaam Biriba. Biriba is de boomsoort waar het instrument de berimbau van wordt gemaakt. Hij speelt capoeira sinds 2000.

Eind 2007 kreeg hij het blauwe koord van leraar (professor) van zijn meester, mestre Marreta. In 2008 is hij begonnen met capoeira lessen in Amsterdam Noord, de plek waar hij is opgegroeid.

Voordat hij met capoeira begon heeft hij tae kwon-do en judo beoefent. In capoeira vond hij een perfecte combinatie van vechtsport, improvisatie, ritme, muziek en spel.

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Professor Filósofo

Dolf van der Schoot started capoeira in 1999 with mestre Vladimir Frama, after he encountered capoeira on several places during his travels. A little year after he moved town and started training with mestre Marreta, where he really felt at ease and kept on training. Having lived, trained and studied some time in Brasil, he slowly started to teach some workshops and lessons and eventually received the teacher-belt from mestre Marreta; thus became professor Filósofo.


Capoeira is a mixture of martial art, dance, acrobatics and music. When you live it, you live!


Berimbau de Ouro is more than learning capoeira. It's also about helping each other.


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Grupo de Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro


Email: marretacapoeira@gmail.com

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Luiz Carlos Afonso
(Mestre Marreta Capoeira)