Project Impurrão - 'Push in the back'

The Impurrão project got a new PUSH!

Since capoeira, sports, music and dance are the most successful activities in Escola de Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro, we decided to focus on those elements in our actual project. Former students from the school have become professional teachers, musicians, acrobats and sportsmen and the activities keep attracting youngsters and children from the neighbourhood in Montes Claros. Our teachers are also active in other poor and dangerous areas of the city.

Capoeira, music and all connected activities help structure the children's lives, make them aware of their physical condition and the need to cooperate. And it keeps them from the streets, where crack and other dangers are always present.

Impurrão 2 (video)

From 2013 till 2014 we worked on some new and activities and re-activated some old elements in the school. A new dojo (a place to train judo, boxing and other martial arts) has been built and will be furnished now, some new musical instruments for a music course and a music group have started. We supported the teaching competences of our teachers and created more 'satellite' training places in the city. The martial arts room is finished, now we have to finish the room and buy a tatame (judo floor).

The first Impurrão project
In 2007 and 2008, together with the municipality of Montes Claros several special courses were organized with financial support of Kindermissionswerk Die Sternsinger from Germany ( This German fund is also supporting the Impurrão 2-project. If you want to help, please go to the sponsoring page for details.

Watch the video of the Impurrão 2 project.

 Watch the older short video impression about the school in ”A day at Escola de Capoeira".



Capoeira is a mixture of martial art, dance, acrobatics and music. When you live it, you live!


Berimbau de Ouro is more than learning capoeira. It's also about helping each other.


July-August 2015

Capoeira Pensa! A Força do Vento Brasil

28-31 Dec 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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